How Hydrocephalus brought out untapped potentials in me

Everyone enjoys lemonade but never takes time to look deep into what was put together to get the lovely lemonade we drink with happiness.

Lime/ Lemon on its own is sour and unpleasant to our taste buds until it is refined and some sweeteners added to it.

Hydrocephalus was my own lemon but I never allowed the sour taste to keep me down. Rather, I chose to turn it into lemonade that is serving me and fellow special need mothers.

I am a star mother, a  polished pillar granting my prince charming named James all the support to become the ordained champion God created him to be without jeopardy nor limitation.

I rise to give him my all under God and to become a voice to be reckoned with in his generation.

Watch the video below as I share a short story about raising my Hydrocephalus champion.

Esther can be reached via:

Instagram: Polished Pillar Parenting

Facebook: Oluwanikemi Afolabi

YouTube: Star Kid Moms

WhatsApp: +234 (0) 806 113 5343


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