Olanrewaju Bailey: The unsung hero of a Nigerian wheelchair basketball champion

In this part of the world where fathers are sometimes seen a non-existent in the life of a child living with disability, Olanrewaju Bailey father is an exception.

Despite the inability his son, Oluwasegun, in walking due to polio, his Olanrewaju Bailey has been the most important factor in his son’s life and today, Segun is a national wheelchair basketball champion.

In the short documentary below, written, voiced and directed by Hydrocephalus Stories publisher, Kunle Fayiga, for Afrosport TV, Segun pays tribute to his extraordinary father.

Olanrewaju Bailey’s commitment to the growth and development on his child with disability, especially in the absence of a mother, is worth of commendation and celebration.

It is a reminder not to abandon children regardless of their disability. They deserve to live life to the fullest and parents and the society at large have the responsibility to make sure that reality is met.

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