Funto Oguntiloye Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus: The painful physiotherapy experience I’m conquering

On the 27th of October, 2023, a beautiful Friday morning, I woke up grateful and thankful to God for the privilege to see another new day even as I continue living with Hydrocephalus.

I woke with body pain, and as I mentioned in a previous story that I do physiotherapy regularly so as to regain my strength and to be independent.

I normally do a private physio session at home every Thursday. My doctor comes home and he does the exercises for me. It’s always a very painful experience every time and the physiotherapist spends hours doing the physio for me.

He stretches my left leg where a tissue release was done for me when I was in JSS3, and whenever he’s done for the day before leaving the house, he will make sure I use the back slab for both legs and after some minutes, my mum or sisters will remove the slab.

Instead of taking drugs all the time like I use to, due to the headache and body pain I normally experience, my family members got the contact of a woman that treats people with fruits alone. So ever since I started taking the fruits, the headaches and body pains have subsided a lot.

Taking drugs almost every day has been a huge concern for me and my family members but regardless, I’m the apple of God’s eyes, I’m a city set on the hills that cannot be hidden, I’m more than a conqueror even with Hydrocephalus and its complications.

Funto Oguntiloye Hydrocephalus

I want to encourage parents that have children with special needs not to give up. They should see it has as a privilege to care for their wards.

It cannot always be easy but they should have it at the back of their minds that every child God gives them are a blessing and not a curse, and we are born to win.

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